This inspirational book will make you laugh, analyze every activity you partake in the fill your time, and inspire you to do what you've been afraid to. Schwartz walks the reader through, step by step, on how to be successful and believe in what s/he wants to do.

RISING STRONG | Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW

Rising Strong brings the reader on a journey of bravery and determination. Brown is honest and straight forward, explaining that when going after what we want, we will fail at some point. However, there are tools one can learn that will help them get back up and continue on their path, even stronger than they were before. This book is just that: a tool to keep with you when you are starting out on your journey. Rising Strong will leave you a little bit braver than when you first opened the book. 

YOU ARE A BADASS | Jen Sincero

You are a Badass will leave you inspired to start making a life you love to live. Sincero uses real world stories to convey her points, which makes every single point she makes relatable. This book will help you to find your inner badass, and give you the confidence you need to start living with intention.

BIG MAGIC | Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic is just that, Big Magic. It was essentially the book that brought out the creative side of my personality, after many years of trying to hide it as a teenager with hopes of fitting in. Gilbert shows the reader how to accept and be proud of their creative side, and does a fantastic job of explaining what life is like for a creative person. It may be full of failure at time; living a creative life isn't necessarily easy. But with the risk, comes amazing rewards. This book is a must read, hands down.