If I were to ever relocate from Boston, I would make my new home the charming little city of St. Petersburg, Florida. Last weekend, Ben + I went down for a long weekend to visit his family and escape Boston's falling temps. Each and every day was full of new adventure. From beautiful beaches to rooftop bars, this southern city has it all. Below are some of my highlights from the weekend:

After arriving and picking up our rental car (I was presently surprised with a Mustang Convertible, because my boyfriend is just that awesome), we cruised with the top down to the adorable residential neighborhood of Magnolia Heights. Driving on the highway next to the water, it was like nothing mattered except for the smell of warm weather, four days of freedom from the real world, and the man sitting next to me. 

On our first full day there, we went to Pass-A-Grille beach. The sand was white, the shells beautiful, and the water was the most magnificent blue. If heaven is anywhere on earth, it was on this beach. I could've stayed there all four days. There's something so peaceful about being by the ocean and looking out at the world while the waves crash on the shore. 

#Datenight was a surf n' turf dinner at Parkdrive Grill and after dinner drinks at The Canopy in downtown St. Pete.  If you are ever in St. Pete, make sure to stop by The Canopy for drinks. The bartenders are friendly and there's live music, amazing views, and couches underneath canopy's (hence the name). I can only imagine how beautiful and fun it must be to be up on that roof in a thunder storm, staying dry under a canopy while listening to the rain and enjoying a glass of wine. 

On Friday, Ben's cousins took us to the State Park in St. Pete Beach. On this beautiful stretch of land was a dog beach, and if there is anything in this world I love more than the beach, it's dogs. It was SO fun laying out in the sun or swimming in the water and watching all the dogs play together. 

Easily, my favorite part of the trip was the Sunset Sail on Saturday out of St. Pete Beach. We packed up some cheese, crackers, and wine and headed out to watch the beautiful setting sun. Nothing makes me feel more grateful for this beautiful earth than watching a sunset. Sailing around admiring all the beautiful waterfront homes and watching the sunset over the city was an experience I will never forget.  

Sunday it was time to pack up and head back to Boston. Work and real life were calling. Our weekend getaway to St. Petersburg was just what we both needed to recharge and refocus. Not to mention, family time + sunshine = perfect. We will most definitely be back to this beautiful piece of paradise. I may strongly dislike the colder weather, but being able to escape to the sunshine with my dream man by my side certainly falls under my list of Silver Linings in this life.