If I were to ever relocate from Boston, I would make my new home the charming little city of St. Petersburg, Florida. Last weekend, Ben + I went down for a long weekend to visit his family and escape Boston's falling temps. Each and every day was full of new adventure. From beautiful beaches to rooftop bars, this southern city has it all. Below are some of my highlights from the weekend:

After arriving and picking up our rental car (I was presently surprised with a Mustang Convertible, because my boyfriend is just that awesome), we cruised with the top down to the adorable residential neighborhood of Magnolia Heights. Driving on the highway next to the water, it was like nothing mattered except for the smell of warm weather, four days of freedom from the real world, and the man sitting next to me. 

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Between a stress fracture, two broken toes, and the overwhelming desire to stay in bed now that the days are getting shorter, my workout routines has taken a back seat. In fact, you may even go as far as to say that it isn’t on the bus at all. Growing up a dancer and gymnast, I can tell you first hand, nothing makes life brighter than the endorphins and muscles one receives from a strong workout routine. So, how can we battle the urge to cuddle up with tea and a good book for an extra hour instead of going to the gym or that yoga class? Here are my five defense weapons:

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I may be a New Englander at heart; however there are few things I love more than the south. The sun shines brighter, the people are friendly, and there's certainly no shortage of outdoor dining. This past weekend, I spent three days in Dallas. My best friend and I ate our way through the weekend, checked out the Dallas Farmer's Market, and caught each other up on everything that has been happening over the past few months.

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